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2 responses to “Koh Lanta Property takes its first steps”

  1. Steve Kilarski

    Hi there, for the past few years I have been interested in selling a property at home and purchasing a few rai in Koh Lanta. I have visited the island a handful of times now and have decided that within the next 18 months I will finally be ready to do so. I have friends who already have commercial and residential properties on the island and would definately like to join them soon! My budget is between $50-$100,000 and I plan on either building a couple luxury bungalows or a small commercial structure on the right piece of land. I will be back in Koh Lanta in July and again for a month in December to scope out prospective places. Could you please get back to me with any recommendations or info as it would be greatly appreciated. I plan on making the most of my 2 visits this year so if I could look at as many properties as possible I will have a better understanding of what exactly I want.

  2. Molly Peterson

    Thankyou Duane for your article, I would just like to add my review of the current situation and the resort.

    Long, uncrowded beaches, crystal-clear water, and a laid-back natural environment are Koh Lanta’s main attractions. Early development resulted in the construction of hundreds of budget bungalows and several swanky resorts along the west coast of Lanta Yai (Lanta Noi’s coast is less suitable for development); however, as one of the largest islands in Thailand, Lanta was able to absorb the “boom” and therefore remains relatively uncluttered. In addition, Lanta is approximately 70 km (44 mi) south of Krabi Town, far enough outside established tourist circuits that visitor arrivals have increased more slowly than at other Krabi and Phang Nga beaches and islands.

    The tsunami was a mixed blessing for Koh Lanta. It had a small effect on the buildings along the coast, and most damage was repaired within months of the disaster. However, it had a beneficial effect on the environment, cleansing the beaches and replenishing the shore with clear deep-ocean water. Before the tsunami it was hard to imagine how Koh Lanta could be any more beautiful, but afterwards the water was bluer and more sparkling, the sand whiter and softer.

    Though the huge decrease in visitor arrivals to the island initially caused its share of economic hardship, it wasn’t long before word of Koh Lanta’s renewal spread and lucky travelers again found their way to its shores.

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