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2 responses to “The Pattaya Paradox”

  1. Henry Mossler

    Pattaya used to be a great place many years ago, but it has now descended into a bustling, crime torn sewer. No matter what spin the agents attempt to put on it – “a turd is still a turd no matter how much you polish it”. I for one will be glad when I can sell my condo and move elsewhere in Thailand.

  2. Andy

    Well, pattaya needs to know what it wants to be. You can not be a family friendly nightlife destination. Either Pattaya wants to be a luxurious, family-friendly holiday domizile, then get the bulldozer out and mow down all bars and go-go bars on beach road and replace it with parks and cafes then proceed with cleaning up the beach, or keep on cashing in on the nightlife scene. Obviously with the property market on the down low now the agents and constructors would love to paint the city in a luxurios and family friendly light to sell their projects, but thats not the reality.

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