Four Develop House woos costomers with interior offer

Home-builder Four Develop House, a subsidiary of Four Pattana, is set to offer an interior-design service for customers as a strategy to win more contracts.

The service is being introduced following the decision by a number of landowners to delay the construction of new homes amid the ongoing political uncertainty.

“Our customers who planned to build their residences have now delayed their decisions because they are concerned about the country’s political problems. These problems weigh more heavily than the economic slump. As a result, we have to create a new marketing and service to boost our new contracts to achieve this year’s target of Bt80 million,” Four Develop House managing director Vichai Kongsriong said at press conference yesterday.

Aside from delayed decisions, the company has also indirectly been affected by the credit squeeze, as commercial banks are concerned about non-performing loans increasing in the light of the global financial crisis.


Between 60 per cent and 70 per cent of Four Develop House customers who sign contracts to have detached houses built by the company have to apply for mortgages.

As they now have more difficulty in getting credit, many have had to delay construction, Vichai said.

“Our marketing strategy is to offer the new service as a way to cut our customers’ costs in building their detached houses. This will make it easier for our customers to make a decision to build,” he added.

Under the interior-design strategy, the company has joined with Four Interior Service (FIS), a division of Four Pattana Interior, to offer a supplementary service package to customers, whereby the company will be in charge of the home-building part and FIS will be in charge of home furnishing.

This will enable customers to save on interior-design costs.

The company will start to offer the service at Architect ‘09, which runs from April 28 to May 3 at the Challenger Hall, Impact Muang Thong Thani.

The service will start with the detached house model FD1, for which the price of Bt3 million includes a free interior-design perspective.

Prasopchok Sumarnmas, furniture design chief of Four Pattana Interior, said the company would offer the interior-design perspective and a special offer for built-in furniture to Four Develop House customers at a starting price of Bt200,000.

Four Develop House expects its sales this year will meet the targeted Bt80 million, up 42 per cent last year’s Bt56 million, with Bt55 million from existing contracts and Bt25 million from new contracts to be signed this year.

In the first quarter, the company recorded new contracts worth Bt12 million from three customers, plus sales of Bt15 million from existing contracts.

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